Your Exclusive - Signature Series

Imagine EVERY attendee starring in their own customized video created with clips featuring THEM! "Your Exclusive" offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for each guest. A collection of the event’s best imagery along with videos of the attendee is combined into a single shareable video file. Personal messages, titles, and testimonials may be added to craft a truly distinctive gift for your top performers and executives.

Jason (attendee): "WOW, the final video looked like a film crew followed us around our entire trip! I felt like a movie star! I can't wait to see everyone else's video!"

Sharon (planner): "The video team was non-intrusive and the attendee couldn't believe how heartfelt and personal the final product felt. Having our executive on camera personally thanking each attendee for their hard work, was a very nice touch!"


Conference Recap Video
Let us highlight the most memorable parts of your conference. Then use the video to get attendees excited for next years event.


Announcement / Reveal Video
Get your attendees motivated to attend next years event!  


Property Video
Your property has a unique style and philosophy! Let us help you create a marketing video that will attract your audience to your resort through the use of professional video and aerial photography.